XAG fulfilled 100 units of agricultural drone to help farmers in Ukraine

XAG Agricultural Drones are ready in Ukraine for future field operations

XAG fulfilled the largest single order of agricultural drones in the history of Ukraine. The total 100 units of drone fleet are expected to help local farmers better prepare the upcoming farming season. Boosting crop yields with lower input costs.

XAG has been working with local businesses to meet the ever-increasing demand for drone spraying. This technology is believed to increase crop yields and input costs lower due to higher fuel prices. Adequate provision of such equipment can help farmers better prepare for the upcoming agricultural season.

DroneUA, XAG's local partner and chief coordinator of nonprofit solutions in Ukraine, made the fulfillment of this major mandate a success. The first batch of 50 XAG Agricultural Drones is hosted by Robotic Agrosystems, one of the largest service companies of its kind in Ukraine, with the remaining 50 to be delivered in the next few months.

In a few weeks, 59 mobile operators, made up of Robotic Agrosystems' precision plowing specialists, will begin learning how to use drones on farms and provide spraying equipment to farmers from all over Ukraine. It is estimated that the 100-unit XAG ship will plant more than 500,000 plants during the 2022 farming season.

Of all the drone units, 60% of them are XAG V40 Agricultural Drone, a new generation model available for sale worldwide. Designed for a two-story building, this vacant air system can be equipped with three different operating systems that allow users to perform mapping, distribution, and spraying activities. The XAG V40 is more energy efficient than conventional mineral emission systems.

The launch of the XAG agricultural aircraft in the fertile lands of Ukraine has been in full development since 2021. With precise spraying technology, XAG drones are used on the farm for a variety of applications, from growth, fertilization, pest and disease control to eradication. This technology has assisted a wide variety of major crops, such as wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed seeds, and sunflowers, which are the main export markets for agriculture.

As a global food basket and the largest exporter of grain and oil seeds to other countries, Ukraine now has a good start in the extensive use of agricultural drones. The market has been seeing an increase in drone service groups that will continue to grow in value and proportion. Farmers are looking for economical, easy-to-handle crop management tools due to rising fuel prices and climate change.

Prolonged rainfall, after which farmers could not enter the field in a low vehicle, and farmers' awareness of proper savings contributed to the increase in drone spraying instructions. The agricultural aircraft is gaining popularity among Ukrainian farmers, due to its independent operation to relieve workers and the accuracy of the application to reduce the use of pesticides.

According to Igor Tchaikovsky, owner of Robotic Agrosystems, last year their team planted 10,000 hectares of land and even the smallest XAG drone ships and received positive feedback from customers.

“The staff worked hard last season and almost day and night. But we were forced to turn down most of our customers because demands were beyond our professional capacity. Therefore, investing in multiple drones is not an unexpected decision. The market is growing and will continue to grow at times, ”said Tchaikovsky.

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